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Weekend Stuff

Yesterday Terence and I went to Barnes and Noble and picked out some baby/parenting books to read.  Last night we lit a fire and just sat on the sofa and read about what is to come.  We signed up for a breastfeeding class on Thursday night, THREE hours long!  What?  Is it that much info?  Hmmmm…
Should be interesting and I hope to learn from it.   
Here is the book Terence picked out to read 🙂
Here are the ones I got
A breastfeeding book (very good so far!) & a book called The Baby Whisperer that Laura recommended.
AND-We both got new phones yesterday!
Woohoo!  We now have the internet on our phones!  I think we were the last in my family at least to jump on that wagon.  It’s really cool and I’m still figuring it out, but I think it’s going to be lots of fun!
It’s the Droid, which is Verizon’s version of the IPhone…..
And last but not least we’ve been hit up by the girl scouts….these things are BAAAD!  I love the thin mints myself! 
Today we’ve been trying to figure out these new phones and my feet are so swollen I can barely walk!  My ankle is KILLING me!  I long for the day when I can feel 100% again. I just hope Connor comes soon, this is wearing me out!  I just sent Terence to Target with a list for groceries…he HATES to shop alone…poor guy…oh well…I’m gonna need help these last few weeks so he may be doing most of that stuff for a bit.  Until tomorrow…nighty night!

Connor Bear

I ordered this little bear hat for Connor on Etsy.  I could spend ALL day on Etsy!

Terence wants to dress him in all boy clothing, but I like all the little cutsie stuff like this, might as well do it while I can!
I think it will look really cute in some newborn pictures
I also need to break down and finally buy a breast pump.  I have been waiting until the last minute to get one because I am nervous about spending $300 on a pump and then for some unknown reason not being able to pump.  I am planning on pumping though…so I guess I just need to take the plunge and do it.  These things are SO expensive though! Geesh!


What is a Cankle?
It’s where the calf meets the ankle and become ONE.

I’ve got some serious cankles going on and it’s scary! I wake up the next morning and “poof” they are gone! The magical disappearing cankles!

Terence thinks my cankles are funny.

T: “You look so funny!” “ha..ha..ha..”

B: “What do you mean?”

T: “Your feet look so weird laughing….

B: “I can’t help it!!! You better hush up if ya know what is good for you!”

T: Just walks away…that’s right…walk away…..

MEN=Don’t understand 98% of what happens to a pregnant body, therefore it’s always best to just keep your mouth shut!

I bet Heidi Klum never had cankles. I mean for goodness sakes she gives birth and then the very next day she’s cat walking the runway in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show! What up with that? This woman is a freak of nature and I am SURE normal women don’t snap back like that!

And then there is Posh Spice, or Victoria Beckham…whatever you want to call her. She’s had three c-sections (all scheduled around her husband’s soccer games) and I am sure she had a tummy tuck after each one. Nobody looks like this after three babies back to back right? She coined the term “Too posh to push” That is another thing that was in that video I wrote about below….women of Hollywood are scheduling their births around their work schedules. Isn’t that nuts?
Anyways…I would take a picture of my cankles, but I am too embarrassed. Especially because I can’t bend over and haven’t been able to paint my toes in like a million zillion years. I’ve lost all sense of vanity and I really don’t care if I go into the hospital with hairy legs….I mean it’s virtually impossible right now!

I am getting my hair cut after work today! Not sure what I am going to do, but I need something done and soon before I can’t get out of the house. I don’t think I have had a hair cut in 7-8 months…so we shall see!

Giveaway for my pretties :)

Celebutante Make-up Kit

As you all know I love to play around with make-up. I am giving away one of these fun kits from Benefit Cosmetics, I also ordered one for me too! Yeah! HAVE FUN!


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fluff shadow/talent brush
Contest Ends : February 5, 2010
(Unless I go into labor first! LOL!)
I’m SO tired ya’ll….

What to pack?

We had a pretty relaxing weekend…didn’t do much. Saturday I went to my sister in law Rebecca’s baby shower. She is due with Arielle within a day of my due date. These cousins are going to be like twins, which is crazy because Terence and I are about 10 years older than his sister and we are both having babies at the same time! I never would have imagined that, but God has the perfect timing for everything! It was also fun to shop for girly stuff for someone 🙂

Sunday we went to church and I invited my friend Julie from work to go with us and she came! I was so excited she came with us and I hope she comes back with us soon! Afterwards we did our Sunday grocery shopping and hit up Costco and Kroger.

Terence and I have been going walking every night after I get off work. There is a lake with ducks on the other side of the neighborhood. We usually walk to the lake and find a bench, sit for awhile then walk back home. It’s probably about a mile. The only thing is that this past week I started getting CANKLES!!!! Ahhh!!! I have started to swell up like a wet sponge!

Last night Terence and I watched a video his Mom gave us called The Business of Being Born. It was very good and really makes you think about all the drugs hospitals pump you full of and what doctor’s do to have babies born on their schedules instead of what’s best for the baby . It had a lot of valid points in it, but this late in my pregnancy I think I am just going to stick to my hospital birth plan. One thing I am going to do is ask a lot more questions about what they are doing to me in the hospital.

Good Morning Connor! Come on buddy…we are ready to see your sweet face!
Don’t take TOO long now… for your Mama’s sake 😛

Okay-Now I wanted to ask a question….
What should I pack for the hospital?
I don’t have a bag packed yet and was wondering what you packed
or think is/was the MOST necessary.