You all must see this movie! It was so cute! We watched it over Christmas weekend with family and my Dad bought us a copy…within the first 15 minutes I was just bawling! The story is so great and I am not normally drawn to animated films, but this was so good! GO WATCH IT!



20 thoughts on “UP

  1. I have heard that this movie was great- I need to watch it!

    Twilight Scene It was a lot of fun! We have played other Scene It versions and they were not fun and were hard! But this one was lots of fun and even Brandon knew some of the answers! You should get it!!!

    Glad you had a good Christmas and I love love love that pic of you with your dad and the “tables”!!

  2. Ok, no one hate on me…but… I didn’t like this movie…I know, I must be a horrible person! LOL! It was not what I was expecting, not a kids movie. If it wasn’t for the dog the movie would have been a total loss for me.

    Maybe I should Netflix it and give it another shot! 🙂

  3. I loved UP too…
    The love portrayed by him and his wife was so beautiful.. It made me cry too..

    have you seen The Princess and The Frog? It is wonderful too.. Loved it.

  4. I loved UP. Have seen it several times. Earlier this year my dog got attacked by a neighbor dog and he was forced to wear the “cone of shame” and everytime we drive down the road and see a squirrel, Sylvie hollars “SQUIRREL!” It’s a family favorite!

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