Christmas Luncheon 2009

This year was my second year to help out with the bank’s travel club Christmas luncheon. I always enjoy going and seeing all our customers all together. The travel club is called “Roamers” and they are mostly retired folks who love to travel all over the world together. One day when I get older and retire I WANT to be a Roamer!

Me in front of the beautiful tree
I am like the ornaments…sparkly, shiny, and round! LOL!

This was our entertainment, this man had the most awesome voice! I think Betty found him on Crystal Cruises and he works there most of the time….so if you ever take a cruise look for Michel!

Our fearless leader, Betty

This is one of my FAVORITE customers!
Jimmy is always so sweet and always living life to the fullest!

Julie & Me
JoAnn & her husband BJ

The room was so pretty and the desserts they served…I wanted another one, but I don’t NEEEED it! It was some sort of chocolate mousse in a toffee shell

Table settings

Oh Christmas Tree!!! Oh Christmas tree!!!
I just woke up from a four hour nap and now I am going to go scour the kitchen because I am starving! Of course we have no food because I need to go to the store. Maybe tomorrow….
Hope you all are having a great weekend!



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  1. Looks like so much fun… and I love your sparkly silver top! You look great… and your comment about being like the ornaments made me giggle 🙂

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