Busy Busy!

Wow! The month of December is just flying by! It’s been incredibly busy at home and at work so I’ve just been exhausted when I get home. This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with Terence’s family and later this week I am going to a Christmas party for work. It seems like every day I have come home and had a TON to do! My back has sort of been bothering me and it’s been tough to get to sleep at night, but other than that I am feeling really well!
I hope my Mom, Dad, and Nannie are going to be able to come visit on Christmas weekend and this will be the first time for them to see the new house, so that is exciting! Still working on getting it all sorted and together. I think sister is about to pop any day now and I can’t wait to meet little Jarrett! His nursery is SO cute if you haven’t seen it look here.

Our crib was delivered today
It only took Terence a couple hours to assemble! LOL! It took longer than he thought.
The mattress should be in this week too and T’s mom is making the OWL bedding.
I ordered this from Etsy to put on the wall in Connor’s room
This is a Christmas present from our niece Hannah. She molded everyone STUFF out of some sort of clay….this was Terence’s it’s supposed to be Santa Claus getting arrested….hmmmm
Her Dad is a police officer…maybe that was where she got this idea from? LOL!

This one is mine
It’s “a skull with makeup on it”

I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the night, but this is Joel and Rebecca
Terence’s sister is due a day or so before me and she’ll be watching baby
Connor next year when I go back to work
Here is Terence getting some practice in with our nephew Benjamin.
He looks comfy!

Table keeps getting longer and longer every year….
next year we’ll add TWO more chairs…oh my!

This is my mother in law’s crazy bread that kept growing in the oven,
but it was SO good and soft when it came out! Thank you all for a wonderful early Christmas and we are so blessed to have you as family 🙂



14 thoughts on “Busy Busy!

  1. We have owls in our nursery too! Glad I’m not the only mom that did it for a boy. I’ll have to take a picture of the canvas my sister painted for it. I love your crib!

  2. LOVE the owl themed nursery, so cute. I think it’s great you have so much family with babies, it will be wonderful for Conner to have cousins so close in age!

  3. i love the clay models!! made me giggle. i have stuff like that that my son has made all over our house. my favorite things. 🙂

    the owl decal is adorable!! i love the theme!

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