A Christmas Prayer

I know a lot of you fellow bloggers know my precious friend Summer. She is the sweetest, most whole hearted, wonderful person. She just finished her third IVF treatment and her little birdies are in Heaven now with Jesus. My heart just aches for her…..

You see – Summer, Bonnie, and I connected probably a little over a year ago as we were all trying to get pregnant and had very little success. We bonded like sisters and started talking every day on Gmail. We just had this instant friendship and still do, she has been such a blessing to me and Bon and I just can’t stand it that we are having babies without our TRIPLET!

Summer got pregnant first, and we were so thrilled! Then for some reason God decided to call that little one home and Summer lost her tube. Fast forward a year later and lots of medicine and shots and soul searching and all of that….Summer is still without her baby Brown. Sometimes we may not know why God works in the way he does…but I know there is a reason for everything. One thing I know with all my heart is Summer and Adam were meant to be parents to a child on this earth and they will be soon….I love you both and never give up hope!

Thinking of you always and praying for your baby blessing…love, Becky

This week has been a rough week, a lot of things have been going on and a lot of craziness is in the air it seems. I have hardly had any time to piddle and look at blogs 🙁

It’s harder to get to sleep at night now, not that I am complaining because I am not! I am thankful for this uncomfortable-ness! I had the glucose test at the Dr. office this morning and I passed. That sugar concoction sure did make my tummy sick though!

I don’t want this blog to turn into baby mania and plaster my child’s face to every post, because so many people I have met through blogging were because of their struggle to have a baby and I know that feeling oh so well. Of course there will be times I will post about Connor and there will be pictures, but my goal is to remain true to myself and still talk about my life as well and everything else in it.

Speaking of….

You know my love of owls! Here is my Christmas paper all under the tree in true “owl” style!

Hootie hoo! Hootie hoo! Cuteness alert!

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15 thoughts on “A Christmas Prayer

  1. aww Becky, I will be praying for your friend Summer. I am so sorry to hear, but will be praying that God blesses them so soon with a little one!

    I am so behind! ALL of your pics below are soo cute! Such an incredible thing that you and your sister are preggy at the same time! =) Hope you’re doing great!

  2. I pray for Summer and Mr. B every night, and a few times during the day… pretty much always, because they’re always in my heart.

    And I love your owl wrapping paper!! So much fun!

  3. I LOVE YOU! I am in tears again! And then Bon’s email back and the prayer card. MORE TEARS. I am so lucky to have my Triplets even if I no longer have my own growing inside me. 🙁

    I will be the best Auntie Summer to your two boys!

    OWL PAPER! Pretty tree. LOVE IT

  4. I can’t even begin to count the number of friends I have who have struggled with infertility in some form. It just breaks my heart. There are so many wonderful women out there blogging through it all. Will pray for your friend!

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