Paula loves her BACON!

I was watching Paula Deen yesterday on my lunch break at work and she just cracks me up!

Paula: “I’m makin meatloaf with bacon today ya’ll….mmmmm…”

(she proceeds to take it out of the oven)

Paula: “Ooh I see a piece of that bacon peaking outta that meatloaf!”

(she cuts off a big ole slab of meatloaf)

Paula: “But this little piggy ain’t gettin away from Paula!”

…onto the rest of the menu

(then she proceeds to cook a chicken soup with two cups of whipping cream)

Oh how I love Paula and she can come cook for me ANYTIME! And you know Paula EATS the food she cooks on TV, unlike that Giada De Laurentiis who is skin and bones and only licks her fingers!



11 thoughts on “Paula loves her BACON!

  1. Yep! Have you ever watched the special with her sons where they are at their restaurant, The Lady & Sons? The waitress’s shirts say “Worth the Weight” on the back. Hilarious! =)

  2. I totally agree about Giada De Laurentiis. I’ve always wondered the same thing 🙂 How in the world is she so darn skinny? There’s no way she could possibly be eating the things she’s cooking, and still be so skinny!
    By the way, Paula Dean just cracks me up… I love her attitude 🙂

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