Yeah! I officially have Internet as of tonight….finally! I thought I was going to die without any connection to the outside world for almost a week! LOL! Things are getting done slowly but surely. We got the blinds in today and Terence has installed some of them. It looks so bare in here, I guess because we’ve never had a space this big to fill with furniture…but I know all that will come with time. All I really want is a Christmas tree right now anyways! It’s my favorite time of year, and until now I have never been able to officially decorate with a large tree. Also at the top of the list is baby Connor’s room. We still need to order furniture and get all that together.

Moving is exhausting!!!! I have felt wiped this entire week ya’ll…just packing…unpacking…arranging….organizing! It can get to ya! I am sure bloggyland has gone on without me and I have a bazillion posts to catch up on 🙂

Night night



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