Momma spoils us rotten!

Whenever I go home my Mom spoils me rotten! We had sandwiches with Nannie’s home grown tomatoes…which Mom peeled for me 🙂 She treats me like I’m still a little girl and I love that! ha..ha..I hope that never stops, although I think it will once grand babies are in the picture! We shopped at Babies R Us and Mom got me some maternity clothes for fall at Penny’s. It’s so hard to find good maternity clothes, some stores don’t even HAVE a maternity section!

What is/was your favorite place to find decent priced maternity clothes?

Mom got me this cute owl plate at Cracker Barrel
And my favorite fall scent is Cinnamon Cider from Aromatique
I also love the Amaretto Nog scent for winter time

This weekend we are back to house hunting! I hope we find something suitable soon! I know I have not been the bestest blog buddy lately-between exhaustion and going going going all the time I am worn out a lot. One day I’ll be back to my old self….hopefully……



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  1. I got a lot from target. They usually have maternity stuff on the clearance racks. Plus, you can always just buy shirts in bigger sizes. Besides jeans and shorts, a majority of the stuff I bought was regular clothes in a bigger size. Good luck with the house hunting!

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