Summer time & some road rage

It is HOT outside ya’ll! This morning I drove to work in a lightning blazed thunderstorm and I stayed in the grandma lane going 35 mph because I was scared. This afternoon I drove home in sunshine and 90 degree heat….what’s up with that??? I have some major road rage and most of the time it begins with “you idiot!!!” and then I have to calm myself and turn on some Sara McLaughlin “In the Arms of an Angel” you better believe I want to fly away from here! LOL! That song always relaxes me…..
Anyways-these are some dont’s while driving:

  • Don’t pull yourself in front of an eighteen wheeler going 70+ miles per hour!
  • Don’t be a stupid head and rear end the slow person in front of you! (the truck in front of me yesterday hit the car in front of them…stupid…I know)
  • Don’t ride a motorcycle on the shoulder because you think you are so cool you don’t have to wait in traffic like everyone else!
  • Don’t talk on your cell phone, put on your makeup, or shave your legs while driving…it can wait…trust me!
  • Prepare-Don’t wait until the last second to try and make your exit…ain’t nobody gonna let you over!

Okay that’s about it for today’s lesson in driving…thanks for letting me vent 🙂

My sweet co-worker Julie got me this awesome necklace and sarong to wear this summer…because Lord knows nobody wants to see my white bootie uncovered! I love me some chunky jewelry. She is precious! Thank you Julie! Terence is at the gym right now, that is where I should be….but I’m too busy thinking about what to have for dinner….Lord give me willpower to go! Hope ya’ll are having a great week! Becky

Isn’t it sunshiney!



21 thoughts on “Summer time & some road rage

  1. Love your new gifts, so pretty.
    I can definitely appreciate your driving tips. I have an hour commute and have seen just about everything.

  2. it beautiful….but you make everything beautiful!
    im sorry about the scary drive…
    your hair looks fabulous by the way 🙂

  3. oh my goodness!! i know what you mean about awesome drivers…although my favorite is to give them a thumbs up and giant smile instead of the finger one digit over because i find it makes them feel even better about their less than stellar driving skills…

    love the gifts you look amazing!

  4. love the necklace- and the sarong reminds me that its time to hit the pool! Next time we go to the Village I’ll let you know, we are going out of town this weekend~

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