I’m gonna miss you P-Diddy on Father’s Day…waaahhhhh!!!! I love you SO much! P-Diddy got a new ride yesterday 🙂 He’s stylin now in his new car! Hope you get your gift in the mail before Sunday *here’s hoping* 🙂 I love these two songs….they make me think of my Daddy.

I love you DADDY!



11 thoughts on “Pop-Daddy-P-Diddy

  1. I am not going to get to see my daddy either. And the kids won’t get to see their daddy!! I love those two songs!! I hope your dady enjoys his new car!!

    <3 Ashley

  2. This will be only my second Father’s Day that I can’t spend with my Dad..He’s away visiting my sister…I’m crying too!

    I love both of those songs sooo much! They are perfect for Father’s Day!

    (thanks for sticking with me! I hope to be back to super stalking status over the next few days!)

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