It’s Slurpee season

This weekend has been very chill. Yesterday we went and helped Terence’s parents pack and move some stuff into their new house.

After that we came home, took showers and headed to The Outback to have some dinner and a bloomin onion. Oh those things are one of life’s greatest pleasures!

This afternoon we went out and had brunch at a local restaurant and shopped around a little bit. I am trying to talk Terence into getting a pedicure-tell him there is no SHAME in a man getting a pedi right? Later on I discovered where I sat in the restaurant someone had just placed their chewed gum right under where my rear was sitting! UGH! Terence had to pick gum off my booty and his car before we walked into the store! So mad! Why people…why?

We went to Sur La Table-I love this store-it’s a kitchen paradise! I am thinking for the winner of the BAKE OFF I may go get some goodies from Sur La Table! Stuff like THISTHIS…or THIS!!! Love it all!

This was what I had for brunch today-Yummmm!!!

We had to go into the golf store-he was like a kid in a candy store. Maybe Santa will bring you some new clubs this year honey! LOL!

They have these in the golf store-they were my favorite! They are called Butt Head Covers and they go over your golf clubs! How funny is that?



21 thoughts on “It’s Slurpee season

  1. Those pancakes look like a little piece of heaven! And you have me craving a bloomin onion. Ugh, everything sounds great when you are dieting!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I am doing better than I thought I would be doing! But I will definitely give you a call or catch you on gmail chat!

  2. Oh I agree! It is TOTALLY Slurpee season! Coke/Cherry Mix for me! lol

    Yes, the cakes are edible for dogs. I’m sure humans could try it too but noone has dared to try yet!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love when there’s nowhere to be and we can just run around and eat and shop! 🙂

    And you know, I try to convince Ronnie of a pedi all the time but he won’t go for it! If you succeed in convincing Terence, please share your tips! lol

  4. Yum yum yum now I’m hungry at 10 PM. I think I will definitely be making myself pancakes for breakfast, but I should probably stay away from the slurpee if I’m trying to lose weight….

    And I agree, men should get pedicures. Makes the feet so so so much nicer.

  5. Mmm Outback. You know we’ve only eaten there a handful of times and the last time we splurged because he won a football pot so we were celebrating. I love the wedge salad there. YUM!

    That sucks you got gum stuck to your butt! I would have been so peeved. Must have been kids because I would hope that an adult wouldn’t just purposefully leave gum on a restaurant seat. But then again…..

  6. That SUCKS about the gum!! And I think there is no shame in a man getting a pedi! I wish my hubs would “indulge” more and then I would feel less guilty about my selfish stuff. Butthead covers, SOOO funny!! Looks like you two are having fun as usual! 🙂

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