Well-it’s coming along….slowly….ugh!

It doesn’t help that I now have a 1 1/2 hour commute to and from work. It’s wiping me out ya’ll! We finally went grocery shopping tonight and have food! Whoopee! Our garage is still full of boxes that were stored for almost two years…that means everything had to be re-washed and cleaned. In the mean time the necessities are all unpacked. Our furniture was delivered today and I’m very happy with it! Hopefully SOON I will catch up on my blogging and get back to everyone elses lives too! LOL!

One of my favorite pictures – a painting of a boat

shower curtain that needs to be ironed


Watching Castle

Computer 🙂

Owl magnets from Borders

Oh mixer how I’ve missed you!

Okay-now what do I do with all these glass jars I’ve been collecting???



17 thoughts on “Unpacking

  1. ohhh looks nice!!! ummm maybe put different types of pastas in them? are they delicate? maybe sugars, or lemons and limes….colored tea bags….? I dont know lol sorry I am of no help with the glass jars

  2. okay…first 90 each minutes way?!? oofa!! that is awful! second…ummm yes i am in love with your sofas!!! and third i need those apothecary jars!!! and i like iva’s ideas about lemons and limes!! and if you put some in the bathroom with cotton balls…and i have a girlfriend who filled hers with sand shells and sea glass….

  3. first of all, i’m jealous of your mixer… i’ve wanted one for forever!

    also, change what’s in those apothecary jars depending on the season. since it’s spring/summer right now you can put fresh (or plastic!) fruit in it, and then when fall rolls around you can put pumpkins and leaves, etc. Christmas you can put ornaments!

  4. Looks great! I would say that with the jars… fruit looks great BUT don’t use real fruit. Go to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and get the fake stuff. Real citrus tends to cause condensation inside the jars. You could change based on season – I’ve seen lots of houses decorated with christmas balls inside jars like that… so make it fun!

  5. Okay, so I came to your blog from Nicole A’s blog – I live in your hometown 🙂
    About those apothecary jars – love them & I have A TON & I do mean A TON!!
    In the kitchen I have jellybeans, animal crackers, fake green apples – I was thinking maybe some dried green peas/red beans/coffee beans, etc. to add to the mix.
    I also have some in my bathroom – q-tips, cotton balls, bath salts, & those tiny soaps from hotels (collected a lot & finally found a use for them)
    Hope that helps a little – you will LOVE them!
    Congrats on the new house 🙂

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