The Wedding and Rehearsal

Terence’s youngest sister, Rebecca, got married yesterday to Joel. Joel has 11 or 12 brothers and sisters!!! Can you believe that? The day was rainy, but the wedding was beautiful! They are off on their honeymoon to Tennessee right now! I didn’t take my big camera, so most of the pictures are with my phone…excuse the quality.
Congratulations Rebecca and Joel – We love you!

The Bride

Little man in his tux
Cake Balls
Assembling the cake
The Bridal partyThey are off!
Leftover wedding roses 🙂


Terence and his Dad
Macaroni Grill…mmmmm

The happy couple!

(I have to tell you about the night of the rehearsal dinner)

Terence drove to Fort Worth to meet me after I got off work for the rehearsal dinner. We then went to the rehearsal and the dinner and left there about 10:30-11-ish. His car was having trouble so we decided to leave it there in Fort Worth and just take my car. We drove over an hour to get back home and when we got here we realized we had forgotten the garage door opener in his car and the deadbolts were locked! We had to turn around and go ALL the way back to Fort Worth to get the garage door opener!!!! We finally ended up back at home a little after 1 a.m. only to get up and make the drive again the next morning. We picked up Terence’s car and dropped it off at the dealership yesterday and turns out he needs a new transmission, which is going to cost anywhere from $3,000-$3,500 dollars! 🙁 booohoooo!!!! We owe less than that on his car and it makes me so mad! I guess when it rains it poors huh? Anyways-just keep us in your prayers…lots of life changes…lots of stuff going on….Terence starts his new job tomorrow….love you all bunches….Becky



18 thoughts on “The Wedding and Rehearsal

  1. Ohhh I just adore the colors!!! A lil rain isn’t so bad…. you have to have some for luck! 🙂

    The bride’s hair and dress look fabulous!! And you my dear are too lovely with your rose!


  2. Beautiful wedding! My old car needed a new transmission too, that’s why I ended up with my new Edge. It sucks because my car was paid off, but we didn’t want to put $5k into an older car, especially when they only guaranteed the work for a year. Hope your car troubles work out.

  3. She looked lovely! Rain is good luck on a wedding 🙂

    You looked smashing with the lovely rose.

    I’m really sorry about the car and all that mula needed to fix it! Transmissions are so pricey!! I hope they give you some type of guarantee on it.

    You are in my thoughts 🙂

    Rest well today!

  4. Yes, I can understand 11 or 12 siblings, since I’m one of 11, ha!! It’s lots of excitement, that’s for sure.

    Sorry about Terence’s car. That hurts!!

    I hope all goes well for him as he starts his new job. Have a GREAT week, Becky!!

  5. Those were the same colors for my wedding!! Don’t they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck?

    I will be praying for you and Terence this week. Hope that you have a great week!

  6. Hey Becky! Sorry that I have been away from my blog for a few weeks. Things around here have been moving at lightning speed and I actually just got the chance tonight to sit down at the computer, which I also have not been able to do for a while as well. It’s terrible to have 170 e-mails to go through! Yikes! I know. It is good though to have the chance to catch up on all of my bloggie friends and their blogs. I certainly have been thinking about you and praying for you as well.

    The wedding looks absolutely amazing!!! And not to mention perfect!!!

    Hugs and blessings,

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