Thank you Nicole!

My sweet friend, Nicole sent me the nicest birthday gift today! My birthday is not until next Saturday. I opened the mail box and there was a package. I love getting mail! It has our initial and wedding date on it…I love it so much! I need to get one of those plate stands to put it on now! Thank you sweet friend I love you bunches!

Where to put it???

Terence took me shopping last night for a new suit to wear tomorrow. I am lucky and have a husband who likes to shop! LOL! We both need works clothes right now though.
I saw another bad accident on the freeway again…these past two weeks I’ve seen the worst wrecks I’ve EVER seen in my life driving to work and back. It just makes me think of how fragile life is and to drive the speed limit and wear my seat belt. Ya’ll be careful out there!



18 thoughts on “Thank you Nicole!

  1. hi almost birthday girl!

    that is so sweet of your friend! what a cute gift!

    driving truly is a privilege, you are right we all have to be safe and smart, thank you!

  2. Please be careful on your commutes! I LOVE getting behind Texas drivers here in KS because they drive FAST and are fearless but it’s never good when accidents occur. 🙁

    My parents have always told me, “Never drive faster than your angel can fly!” So true!

    I love that beautiful Plate! Nicole is VERY talented!

    Happy Early Birthday!!

  3. Aw, how thoughtful of your friend. The plate is really beautiful. I love stuff like that. Just last week I got a sign with our last name and date on it to hang by our front door.

    My prayers are with you for safe travel each and everyday to and from work. Thankfully I do not do any city driving at all. It drives me nuts!!!

    Have a great day!

    Hugs and blessings,

  4. man, you got some great friends that send you great stuff! that is super cute… love polka dots & anything with our intials. 🙂

    we are both lukcy… my husbands likes to shop too!

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