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This amazing artist named Ashley makes custom stationary. She has a website called Ashley Brooke Designs. She will do a custom proof of you for only $25 (one time fee) and then you can stick it on anything…post its, custom stationary, notecards, stickers. It’s too cute, as you can see I am holding Starbucks in mine! LOL! It’s summertime and one of my favorite things to eat is SALSA! Here is the recipe, it’s so easy you can’t NOT make it people!

I won these cute earrings from HOLLY, a fellow blogger, who is also a twinkie! She is so sweet! Thank you Holly, I love the earrings I think I will wear them tomorrow 🙂

I have an interview in Dallas on Thursday so I can *hopefully* transfer closer to home! I hate interviews they make me so nervous, but God is in control and has opened so many doors…He wouldn’t lead me where he didn’t intend for me to be! Terence’s first day at his new job went well, he said he has a lot to learn, that’s a good thing because he loves to learn! I’m sure he’ll do great! We are so thankful for jobs and a home – GOD IS SO GOOD!



16 thoughts on “Stuff I Likey

  1. Oh that picture is so frigging cute – i want one! and the salsa looks super yummy, thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Good luck with your interview! 🙂

  2. I need to make that salsa…

    I love those earrings.

    Are you interviewing for the same position at the same branch you currently work at? Call me!

    I love you!

  3. prayin you through that interview lady! and you already said it…if it is the job He intends for you then you’ve got it in the bag!
    yey for some salsa!!! i seriously could live off of salsa and hummus…and since i will be flying solo for most of the summer maybe i just will!! no grocery bill! haha!
    happy tuesday!!

  4. that stationary is adorable! Love the Starbucks in your hands! 🙂

    Yummy salsa! Cute earrings!!

    Good Luck on your interview! You will do AMAZING!

    I’m glad Terence’s first day went fab!

    <3, Iva

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