A few pics of the apartment


I’m am going to love having this garage!Here is Terence admiring his handy work. It took him over an hour to hang the TV up on the wall!!! I was getting very frustrated & was ready to go home! I may be M.I.A. the next few days because we will be in the middle of the move, but I’ll be back soon! Have a great week!



19 thoughts on “A few pics of the apartment

  1. The kitchen looks great – as does everything else. I do have to say that the tv would be the FIRST thing tackled at our house too – because you know, guys have priorities… and they wouldn’t be things like getting the bed fixed so that you can sleep. 🙂

  2. It looks great! I was dreading renting an apartment in WA because they are all so hideous, nothing anywhere close to as nice as yours looks. I hope your move goes/went smoothly.

  3. WOW!! Your new apt is so NICE!! And it looks so spacious!!! I see your hubs priorities are similar to my hubs… 🙂 Good luck moving!!

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