We have a place to live :)

Ya’ll it’s been another looong day of apartment hunting. We found a place and signed the papers and we now have a place to unpack our things! It also has an attached garage and we are the first ones to live in it, which is perfect for a germaphobe like me πŸ˜›
That is one thing taken care of…

We also had lunch at Firehouse Subs, one of my faves, but there aren’t any nearby in Fort Worth so we stopped there on the way home. They lost our ticket so it took them a LONG time to make our food so they gave us some cookies and brownies and a free sub meal on our next visit! I guess we will be returning soon since it will be only five minutes away now! It’s a long drive out there and I’m beginning to see how in rush hour traffic it could be a problem. I’ll stay at my current job until they find me a place closer to Plano….until then I guess I’ll just be getting up at the crack of dawn to beat traffic. That is fine with me as long as I have my Starbucks and good music to jam to on the way I think I’ll be alright πŸ™‚



23 thoughts on “We have a place to live :)

  1. That firehouse sub is looking really GOOD!! We use to have one here , but since the economy has become worse …they closed the store down! I miss it. They are really good subs! πŸ™‚

    Have a good day!


  2. Congratulations on finding a place! So exciting! :]

    Firehouse is Yummy! At my last job, they used to bring their subs in to sell in our cafeteria once a week. I miss that! haha

  3. So happy to hear that you have a place to live… I’m sure that is a load of relief! We had an apartment with an attached garage a while back and LOVED it.

  4. Congrats on finding a new home!!! So exciting! That firehouse looked good. We used to have one across the street from us in Pensacola…man I miss that place!

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