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Yesterday Terence and I went out to dinner last night at the Cheesecake Factory and after that we went and got NEW FURNITURE!!!! Yeah! There was a floor sample clearance sale and today they are having and EXTRA 30% off of that price and they had exactly one set left in the warehouse so we hopped on it and we got a new sofa, chair, and ottoman. I love it and of course I will take pictures when we move in and get everything set up. We have been so busy lately getting everything ready to move…so as hard as I try I am trying to keep up with reading about all of you lovely blog friends…right now it’s just craziness trying to get ready for this move.



16 thoughts on “New Furniture

  1. Looks like a very nice class! I like it. Our next furniture set will be leather, but our current furniture keeps holding up. I really wish it would just fall apart, I’m ready for something new!

  2. hey, that is our couch…

    We love it, but the only advice I have for you is to not sit on it when you are sweaty. You will stick. Keep a fuzzy decorative blanket around to sit on.

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