Lindsey Sue – A Starbucks junkie in the making

While in Arkansas Bon and I took my cousin, Lindsey, to Starbucks. They don’t have any Starbucks where she lives and I don’t think she has ever been to one. Bonnie and I just HAD to take her there of course! We ordered her a vanilla bean frapuccino because she is young we thought she wouldn’t like the espresso drinks we order normally.

She drank her frapuccino and said “this doesn’t taste like it has ANY coffee in it?” And I said “well, did you want coffee?” “We figured you wouldn’t like it because it’s so strong” So we let her try our latte and she said “that is MUCH better!” ha..ha..another Starbucks junkie in the making….I guess it runs in family? Who would have thought? We love you Lindsey Sue!



6 thoughts on “Lindsey Sue – A Starbucks junkie in the making

  1. Aww so cute! You’re probably going to hate me now, but I don’t like Starbucks. LOL I’m not a big coffee drinker, but if I was, I’m sure I would LOVE it!

  2. This is such a great picture.

    Starbucks rocks….I could go for one…maybe a trip to Target tomorrow after I drop the kid at school hee hee

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