A precious girl that works at the bank came to visit from Dallas yesterday and she brought me some SPRINKLES!!! Yeah! It really made my day! Thank you so much Ana! She is a Twilight fanantic too…so we had lots to talk about! ha..ha..

I gave Ana my blog address…so hopefully she’ll see how much we enjoyed these today 🙂

Look I even SHARED them with someone….now that is sacrifice people!

And I’ve been using my Starbucks cup cozy all week….I had to show how it looked “dressed” on the cup right? So cute!



10 thoughts on “Cupcakes…mmmmmm…..

  1. Those cupcakes look sinful… YUM! Wow… can I just say that clomid brought out a sugar monster in me?! And I haven’t taken a pill since April 7th… when does it stop?

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