An award…oh boy!

A new blogger friend named JESSICA gave me an award and I also saw that SUMMER got one too! Yeah for Kreativ Bloggers!

So here are seven things I love :

1. God (of course that should always be first!)

2. Terence, my family, my friends

3. Chocolate…not just any chocolate…the GOOD stuff! GODIVA baby!

4. 80’s music and OWLS

5. Blogging…duh!

6. I’m a creative person, so I love anything that brings out that creative outlet in me.

7. STARBUCKS – Ya’ll obviously know that one!

There are so many lovely blog friends I can’t just choose a few so everyone who cares to read this deserves this award because I love you all and I feel so blessed to have so many friends in real life and in “bloggyland” LOVE BECKY 🙂



9 thoughts on “An award…oh boy!

  1. congrats! i am going to take this award from you so thank you!!! i have been in a blogging low & not much to talk about. this is something good:)

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