8 thoughts on “I need help!

  1. Hi! Sorry it has been so long. I am so glad to be able to doing some catching up on my blog friends and their posts. 🙂 Your mom is just beautiful and I see where you get all of your gorgeous looks from. 🙂 Maybe give her a day of pampering with a hair appointment, spa treatment or massage. What ever you decide I am sure she will be so happy with. 🙂

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. I got my mom a new cell phone for her 50th….not very sentimental but she really wanted it.

    I know its hard shopping for that big birthday, my parents both turned 50 within a few months of each other! Yikes, it was stressful! So my advice is get your Mom something she would never get for herself but really wants or wants to do.

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