Going Away Give Away!!!

I am asking for everyone’s help to spread the word about my new blog designing! What better way than to have a giveaway! Yippeee!!! I love to win FREE stuff and I know everyone else does too! I am headed out of town so I thought this would be a good way to say goodbye for a few days…..I’m giving away two of my favorite things….Starbucks and a copy of the new Twilight DVD. Here is how to enter:

1. Post a link to this post on your blog and help
me advertise = 1 entry

2. Twitter about this post = 1 entry

3. Become a follower of this blog = 1 entry

BONUS = If you add my blog button with a link to my blog that is an extra 2 entries!!! Good Luck!

Thank you all my bloggy friends! 🙂



28 thoughts on “Going Away Give Away!!!

  1. linked your giveaway to my bloggy blog blog – CHECK.

    becky button added to my page – CHECK.

    i refuse to twitter but i bought a third column AND a present for doing my blog (sending soon), so i need a freebie (LOL)!!!!

  2. Hi Becky! Surprise! I must say that I got the much needed kick in the butt to get back to blogging again. 😉

    I certainly will let everyone know that you are designing blogs. I admire that skill very much and wish that I knew a little more than I do, oh well, still learning. 🙂

    Hugs and blessings,

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