Fun at the camera store


I have been craving a new lens for my camera for awhile now, so tonight before dinner with some friends we went to the camera store to check a few out. It was a lot of fun, I think I am leaning towards a wide angle lens, the one I really want is out of my price range…but in the mean time I think a wide angle would be a good investment and lots of fun!

Terence-using wide angle

Terence and I-using the fish eye lens-I loved this lens, but it’s not good for “everyday” shots…I know we look like goobers…but Terence was like 2 inches from my face (my nose is not that big ya’ll! LOL)

more fish eye lens shots….I love love love the distortion!!!

Now, back to checking everyone else’s blogs and catching up on what I have missed!



5 thoughts on “Fun at the camera store

  1. Oh girl! I’m dying to make the big purchase on a much fancier camera! I love the lense options! I’m totally going to consult with you before I take the plunge though because I don’t think I have any idea what I’m getting into! ha!

    Thanks so much for voting for the “shorter” dress version! That’s what I REALLY want to do but didn’t want to put my influence on there too much! I truly appreciate your honesty and that you stopped by to HELP me!

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