Mom’s Birthday Bash

This is going to be a loooong post because it includes the rest of my trip home and Mom’s 50th birthday party. I have the best family in the world and I feel so blessed every time I go home. I love you Mommy and Daddy and thank you for everything…I could not have asked God to give me better parents. And Mom, you don’t look a day over 40!
XOXO Becky

The whole Family

My beautiful Mommy

Mom and her teacher friends

Cousin Lindsey and Bonnie

Cousin Lindsey and Me

Nannie and her girls

Mom opening presents

a new place setting for her new kitchen!

Me and Bon

The party crowd

Dad and our beloved Uncle Bob

Mom and a former student

Uncle Bob and a “Bonnie and Becky” sandwich


opening more presents


Lunch at Cracker Barrell

This is so true….

Cute owl post-its!

cousin Lindsey

Bonnie modeling her new bra..ha..ha..
(Don’t kill me please!)


Let the good times roll!

The trip has gone great so far! Tomorrow is Mom’s party and we can’t wait! So far we have spent some good quality girl time together, shopping, eating, and movie watching (we saw “Knowing”). Yesterday we picked up my Mom’s good friend Julie at the airport and she hadn’t seen her in a long time so that was nice and she was surprised! I can’t wait until tomorrow to see family and some old friends…. Good times indeed!


Here we are modeling Dad’s “geezer glasses” they go over your regular glasses

Daddy bought us Cadbury eggs!

Mom and Julie at the airport

Eating at the Olive Garden

This is Dad’s chicken nugget at the Olive Garden, we thought it looked like a pig or a Razorback?

Mom’s newly remodeled kitchen

Mom playing her DS and Bonnie and Dad playing the Wii

Godiva flowers make us happy 🙂We love ya’ll!
Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!