That’s Owl-ragious!

I know the title to this post is cheesy, but I couldn’t resist! I’ve written before about my love of owls. They are so cute 🙂 My sweet twin friend made me the cutest necklace with the owl from my blog! She and her twin sister make these beautiful sparkle pendant necklaces. I got mine in the mail today and I was so excited and it’s just beautiful…Thank you! Check her out at GLITTER & BLISS
I also stocked up on some owl wrapping paper that I fell in love with this past Christmas. I got it on clearance and I am so excited to have found it.
There are so many cute owl items on ETSY as well and I browse this site just about every day and never tire of looking at it. One of the things I found online (not from Etsy) that I LOVE is this owl key topper. Isn’t it cute???

Well-now you all know of my little collection obsession! I’ve been so out of the blogger loop and my DVR is backed up to the core…it’s amazing what being gone for a few days can do! A lot has been going on around here lately and there are going to be a lot of changes this next year…we will see how it goes!!!



10 thoughts on “That’s Owl-ragious!

  1. That is an absolutely adorable necklace. What talent your friends have. You are so lucky. 🙂 Well, you love owls and I love barns. I have a huge collection of them that light up for not only fall, but winter and Christmas. Isn’t it funny that we go crazy over certain things.

    Blessings and hugs

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