The things you do for a buck!

I got a call today at work asking me if I would be willing to dress up in the buffalo costume for an event, the person that usually did it wasn’t available. They are having a dinner next Tuesday night and needed someone to come and “represent”.

They also offered to pay me to stand there for two hours and wave. I may sweat like a pig in that thing….but you know what times are rough and it’s the holidays! Also, it’s helping them out so I don’t think I’ll mind it too bad 😛 I am kind of nervous though because she said it was hard to see in the costume. If I fall on my badonkadonk and embarrass myself I’ll let y’all know! ha…ha…



One thought on “The things you do for a buck!

  1. Haha!! When are you doing that? I want to come see you? I’ve dressed up in similar things before (a huge Oreo and a huge Teddy Graham) and it IS hard to see. And it does get hot in there. Have fun though!! And yeah, take pics!! 🙂

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