I had the cutest little visitor at work yesterday. I almost stole him from his owner and high tailed it out the door! This doggie was the sweetest thing and didn’t make a peep. Which proves Terence’s theory wrong that all small dogs are “yippee

I’ve just about got all my Christmas shopping done thank goodness! I can’t handle wondering around aimlessly in stores anymore. I’d rather you just flat out tell me what you want and I go buy it than surprise someone with a crappy gift. I still don’t know what to get Terence. All he seems to want are things that cost a bazillion dollars like speakers and cars 😛 Someday honey….

I long for the day when we have our own home and I can put up my own Christmas tree. It stinks to walk around stores and see all the decorations, but know you can’t look because you have no such place for things like that right now. I know by the time we do settle down somewhere I am going to EXPLODE from all this creative energy and paint my walls 10 shades of blue! Until that day I live in dream world and imagine what it will be like!

We have our Christmas party for work on Thursday night. Unfortunately, Terence can’t go with me because he is in the middle of finals week. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun! I have to buy a secret Santa gift and I have NO idea what I am going to get this person…..so I am sure walking around aimlessly in stores will come into play again…..other than that it’s pretty much been a boring couple of weeks…just counting down the days until I am homeward-Arkansas bound again!



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