Terence and I went and looked at some townhouses for sale tonight. This was mostly just for fun, but we also wanted to look at them and get some ideas because hopefully in the NEAR future we will be purchasing a home….I would love for that to be in AR, but I will be thankful for wherever the Lord provides.
I just got off the phone with my Mom and every time I talk to her or my Dad my heart just aches because I miss them so much! Anyone know of any MBA/business management jobs in AR??? ha..ha..ha..

Below are some pics of the townhouses, we saw two of them. They just lowered the prices by 40K last week! The market isn’t doing great…but I guess that is a good thing for us!
The first kitchen
Living room
The second kitchen, we like this one the best!
second master bath
second living room
second stairs

All in all I think I am still leaning towards purchasing a house. I’m not all that impressed with the condo/townhouse lifestyle. I know it’s less maintenance, but I really want my own house. The layouts in these two were also kind of weird. The kitchen/main living area was on the SECOND floor. The main level was an entry/office/guest bedroom/bath. The second level was a powder room/kitchen/living area. The third level was the master bedroom/bath. It was a great view from the top, but all those stairs were daunting!



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  1. Those are beautiful homes. I’m praying that the Lord will lead you to where you are supposed to be. And secretly crossing my fingers that it is back home with your family. 🙂 I know that has got to be so tough being away from them.

  2. Those townhomes are beautiful! But I agree, houses are nicer! Good luck with the hunt, and I will pray for AR! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

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