Tonight I went to a Christmas service with Terence’s Granddaddy and his wife Nell. They are the sweetest grandparents! I just love how older people are to each other, Granddaddy waits on Nell hand and foot and they are so cute with each other. The service was beautiful and Terence’s Aunt, who has a beautiful voice sang a couple of solos. I was grateful they let me tag along and I had such a good time! Afterwards they took me to eat at their apartment tower, where they have a buffet every night…it’s the same place we ate at Thanksgiving and it always has great food! Thank you Granddaddy and Nell for a wonderful evening!

Also-two of my customers at work brought me Starbucks gift cards in the last few days! Do they know me well or what? They are definately feeding the addiction..ha..ha..!!! I love the people I work with and see every day and it’s nice to know they like me too 🙂

Well, only 1 1/2 more days of work and I’m off until December 31st! Yippeee!!!



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