Trip to the ER

This has been QUITE a day! I left from work this morning to go to the ER because I was bleeding really bad all night and wasn’t feeling well this morning. They took some blood work and did an exam. Everything was fine. I had a slight fever and my blood count was a little low.

I am so sick of this…and it makes me scared. Scared that I’ll never be able to have children and nobody can fix it. Just the same old thing…temporary medicine. I’m getting very discouraged and if this keeps up I don’t know what I’ll do. I just don’t want to have a hysterectomy before age 30! The nurse was so nice and understanding. My hormones are going crazy right now, poor Terence has to deal with me on edge like this! Time for a NAP!



8 thoughts on “Trip to the ER

  1. Ok, you know I care already from my texts and emails and I want you to stop that negative talk. Block those bad thoughts and just say a prayer and remind yourself that good things come to good people. You are a strong and beautiful lady who deserves nothing but great things in the world. Many hugs coming your way! I am glad you are feeling better. “see” you manana. XO

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