What a day!

These are my “googly moogly” glasses. Aren’t they fun? They were only a dolla so I had to get them!

Today was a crazy day at work. I fell off my chair. I mean I fell HARD off my chair. My feet don’t touch the ground and I leaned over to turn off my fan and just went splat! Everyone ran over because they thought I had fainted, but really I just fell over! I just had a headache for the rest of the day. How embarrassing! Story of my life really…..it’s a good laugh now!

Starbucks has a new deliciousity!!!! It’s FROOOZEN HOT CHOCOLATE! I’ve always wanted to try it since, well, since I saw that movie Serendipity and I can’t convince Terence to fly me to New York just so I can go to Serendipity 3 and have their famous hot chocolate! Someday we will do that though…but for now this trips my trigger!

ooops! It’s already almost gone! he..he..he…

Gotta go Terence is fixing to fly out to Atlanta tonight and I gotta get ready to watch THE OFFICE!!!!



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