Fall change

Well, I guess you figured out from the pictures before that I am now brunette. And no, I don’t feel smarter….my Dad asked if I did.

So I’m trying to figure out things that go with my new hair. Terence said I should get some new makup for fall that goes with my hair and I did! Those are the eyeshadow colors I chose. Aren’t they pretty?

Mom also took us shopping when we were home and got some things for fall….I’m thinking jewel tones? Blues and greens. Where did the fall weather go that was here last week by the way? I mean it was in the 60’s and 70’s and now it’s back up to the 90’s! Fall please come back I beg you!!! I long to wear my sweaters, scarves, and jackets, drink my Godiva hot chocolate and Starbucks eggnog lattes…so please come back to me!

Mom also got us some Aromatique stuff. Bonnie and I love the cinnamon cider smell. It’s the perfect smell for fall! I’ve certainly been enjoying my diffuser.

Also when I got home Bonnie had sent me a package in the mail with this cute top, earrings, nail polish, and some pens from where SHE works. The sunglass case she gave to me at the airport. We had so much fun together it was so sad to say goodbye 🙁 We love sending eachother little packages because ya know it just brightens your week up a little bit! I miss you already sister and I love you! Come see me soon 🙂



5 thoughts on “Fall change

  1. Looks great!! I dyed my hair dark brown for a while and really liked it, but the color faded very, very fast and left it sort of a light brown/reddish color that looked terrible on me. I wasn’t about to pay $150 every 3-4 weeks, so eventually I went back to blond. I hope yours lasts longer, because it looks really good on you.

  2. You do look good as a brunette! And the make-up and new clothes are very pretty colors for fall!

    I can’t believe that we’re still having this hot weather either! It’s crazy! I was hoping that fall weather was going to stick around.

    That’s a nice gift package that Bonnie sent!! I’m glad you two were able to see each other again, although I’m sorry it was under such sad circumstances.

  3. By the way, if you need more fall scents for your home, you need to try “Leaves” or “Pumpkin” candles from Bath & Body. And the “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” scent smells wonderful too!

  4. The brown is beautiful! I’ve been thinking about doing mine for awhile, and your step may give me the courage! 🙂
    Have fun with the coordinating makeup and clothes, and maybe our fall weather will be back soon!

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