7 years

Our anniversary isn’t until Monday, but we celebrated tonight at The Melting Pot. We left this afternoon and spent the day in Dallas. We also visited Sprinkles cupcakes…YUMMY!
Apparantly Dallas gets a lot of things from China b/c all the green train cargo boxes say “China shipping”.
Terence enjoying his peanut butter cupcake! It was waaaay too hot today!


Cheese fiesta fondue with bread, vegetables, and apples.

The main course was chicken, filet minion, beef tenderloin, shrimp, butternut squash ravioli, and vegetables. You also get to choose your “sauce” you want to cook it in. It took awhile to cook your food, but it was a fun experience and we had a great waiter.
And of course my favorite course is DESSERT! As you can see it was delicious!

I love you my sweet Ter-Bear and thanks for a wonderful night! I am so proud to be your wifey!!!! Love, Becky



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