My sweet, precious, wonderful Mommy sent me some flip flops in the mail yesterday! When I went home a couple weeks ago I was searching so hard to find some black yellowbox flip flops, I even couldn’t find any on Ebay! So when Mom and Dad went to Branson Mom found these for $19.99 and sent them to me…I am so excited!!!

My co-workers and I were goofing around with the camera yesterday during our pizza party….
and here’s what happen when you run to the bathroom and find out someone’s been playing with your camera!


Terence is really good at this dart game so I thought I would give it a shot….I’m not too good! 🙁

When Terence got home from school last night he begged me to go to Blockbuster with him at 10:00 pm! I was tired and whiney and I didn’t want to go at all! He told me if I beat him at darts I didn’t have to go…but I lost! I am guessing this dart game will lead to many more “bets” to come. I better start practicing!