I went to the Sweet Shoppe factory located right here in Fort Worth! I’ve been wanting to go since we moved here and found out about the factory. On my lunch break today I decided to go check it out. I was disappointed to find out they are closing in the next couple of months 🙁

I guess I’ll have to go buy a truck load before they close and move somewhere else. Me, Bonnie, and Kristin used to buy these truffles when we were in high school and I remember how wonderful we used to think they were! The ones I got today were called “cup of cocoa”. They are chocolate truffles with a chocolate ganache center rolled in cocoa powder. YUMM-O! They were great until I tried to eat one in the car then I hit my breaks and they went rolling all over my floor boards! Cocoa powder got everywhere….I think if Terence asks about it I’ll just say it’s a bunch of dirt from someone’s shoes…he…he…he…



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