Ya’ll it’s like 75 degrees here??? Is it February or what? This is craziness!

Well, today was our last day to take pictures at the Stock Show. It was fun and I would definately do it again…but I’m glad it’s over for now so I can have Saturday all to myself again 🙂

We are planning a trip home in a few weeks to visit family and friends and I’m already SO excited about it! Tonight we went out to eat with Terence’s cousin and some of her friends at a mexican restaurant. It was so good…I’ll tell you something about TX they aren’t lacking in good mexican food. I need to watch it though because I don’t want to gain a bunch of weight! I think I may get some slim fast shakes at the grocery store tomorrow for next week. We’ll see how that goes…I just need to treat my body better and start walking again now that I’m feeling better. (I was sick for like a month coughing and sinus!) Especially if we want to have a baby soon I want to be in tip top shape 🙂

I don’t know when we’ll find out if T got into grad school, but hopefully we’ll find out soon! The suspence is killing me! Tomorrow we go to church and then we are helping T’s aunts at the TX home and garden show again. Hope everyone has a great superbowl Sunday!!! (It was 8 years ago tomorrow that Terence and I had our very first date!) I don’t know if he remembers or not…but I’ll never forget! Becky 😉



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