Mom and Dad’s

We then headed back to Conway to spend a couple days with Mom and Dad. Friday night we all ate a yummy dinner at the Olive Garden and went to see the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. The movie was VERY long, but also VERY good!

Here is Daddy modeling his “Becky & Bonnie” shirt

Mom made us cocoa in her coco-motion while we watched a movie

I miss you Mommy and Daddy already 🙁
Thank you for a wonderful Christmas! We love you soooo MUCH! They always spoil us rotten! We got so many things we wanted-clothes, lots of stocking stuff, $$$, Starbucks cards, I got a Ginalli I’d been wanting, sheets, a digital picture frame, and so much other stuff I can’t think of right now! We are so blessed to have such a loving and wonderful family.

Christmas at the farm 2008

We left Christmas eve and headed to the farm. It was a looong drive! We got there around midnight…after a couple trips to Starbucks of course! We listened to New Moon on the way because I want Terence to finish the Twilight series with me 🙂

Christmas day we all woke up to biscuits and gravy and opened our stockings and presents. I just love the way Nannie and Papa’s house feels. It feels like HOME.

Stockings all hung in a row

The tree

My sweet Nannie

Mom got a Kissy doll from Aunt Karli. A. Karli ruined Mom’s Kissy doll when they were little by taking a permanent marker to her and Mom never forgave her for ruining her favorite toy! A. Karli found one on EBay and got it for Mom and it was so funny watching her open it and then she started crying…it was the sweetest thing 🙂

All the guys got some GRILLZ for their teeth in their stockings. They were pretty nasty looking..ha..ha..

Lindsey got a Wii for Christmas and we had so much fun playing it. I rock at bowling!!! WEEEEE!!!!! I really want one now!

Proof Dad does dishes

Eskimo Lindsey Sue

And we also had to visit Papa on Christmas too! He is in Heaven rejoicing this Christmas…it was hard not having him with us, but he’s always in our minds and hearts and there are so many little things that remind us all of Papa each day. We love you Papa!!!!