Nannie & Papa’s 50th anniversary

Nannie and Papa’s anniversary party went wonderful! I would say almost two hundred people showed up!!! It was good to see all the people out to support Nannie and Papa. They sure do have a lot of people that love them very much! It was a rainy day, but everyone came out and Papa was feeling pretty well too. We are so thankful to have such wonderful grandparents who’ve made it 50 years! Not many people can say that now days…

We just got home to Fort Worth this evening. Our visit home just wasn’t long enough!!! It was so hard to leave home again. I miss my family sooo much! Hopefully I’ll get to go back very soon. I’m already planning that trip in my head! Tomorrow we have Christmas here with Terence’s family and then Wednesday it’s back to work. Merry Christmas eve!



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