Monthly Archives: December 2007

Christmas in Texas

All the girls-My sister in laws and niece Hannah

Christmas at home in Arkansas

Christmas at the farm is always the best! It just isn’t Christmas unless we are at home with Nannie and Papa and the rest of the family. Papa was feeling really good and that is all we could ask for this Christmas! We ate lots of good yummy food (including chocolate gravy) and watched our traditional Christmas movies (The Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation…and most recently Elf with Will Ferrell) We also watched The Nativity Story. It was pretty good…but I couldn’t help but think the main actress who played Mary actually got knocked up herself in real life at sixteen! How ironic is that? Anyways…this Christmas was awesome and I’m so thankful I got to go home for Christmas this year πŸ™‚

Oh BTW- I always mean to send out Christmas cards and get pictures taken and all that, but for some reason I never got around to it. Hopefully next year I’ll be a little bit more productive and hopefully we’ll be in our own home God willing! Terence is taking the GMAT test in January so everyone pray that he gets into graduate school! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Nannie & Papa’s 50th anniversary

Nannie and Papa’s anniversary party went wonderful! I would say almost two hundred people showed up!!! It was good to see all the people out to support Nannie and Papa. They sure do have a lot of people that love them very much! It was a rainy day, but everyone came out and Papa was feeling pretty well too. We are so thankful to have such wonderful grandparents who’ve made it 50 years! Not many people can say that now days…

We just got home to Fort Worth this evening. Our visit home just wasn’t long enough!!! It was so hard to leave home again. I miss my family sooo much! Hopefully I’ll get to go back very soon. I’m already planning that trip in my head! Tomorrow we have Christmas here with Terence’s family and then Wednesday it’s back to work. Merry Christmas eve!

This is Terence and I at the BranchSmith 2007 Christmas party.

All the Christmas shopping is DONE! I am getting excited about heading home on Saturday!!!!

We had our little office Christmas party yesterday. Everyone brought a dish and a gift and we all played dirty santa. It was fun! I ended up with a copy of Pirates of the Carribean and an Outback gift card…which Terence will love. I’ve been eating waaaay too much lately. I’m going to be a fat heffer before this month is out! Gotta start running again and going to the gym. I gotta!

Tomorrow night is our big Christmas party for work, only is stinks we can’t take our spouses. I don’t know how long I’ll stay, but I’m sure that’ll be a good time too! I can’t believe it’s already Christmas time again. This year has just flown by! I’m looking forward to this next year and hopefully it won’t be as stressful as this past year has been with all the life changes we made. Can’t wait to see the family again…I’m sooo homesick! Being away like this just makes me realize how wonderful my own family really is. I’m sure I’ll have lots of Christmas and 50th anniversary party pics in the coming week! Everyone have a Merry Christmas!!!!