Monthly Archives: November 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with Terence’s side of the family. We ate until we were stuffed! It actually started snowing! It was so awesome! I missed being at home with my loved ones, but I am counting down the days until Christmas so I can see them all again. I’ve got the majority of my Christmas shopping done and that feels great! I just have a few more little things I’d like to do before I throw in the towl. Also, I got the most awesome gift wrap at the Container Store the other day. While I was there they were showing people how to make these awesome bows for you presents, so afterwards I had to go home and re-wrap them all so I could make them look extra special! Ha! It’s all about presentation!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I am thankful for all of YOU!!!

My new "precious"

I got a back massager today at Brookstone! It’s called the “Ineed” and I definately needed it!!! It is so awesome and atleast now I don’t have to beg and plead for a massage from Terence anymore!

Yes…I ate the whole dang thing!

I’m addicted to these Christmas advent calendars….I never make it to Christmas eve!

Making Jewelry

It’s been awhile…

since I’ve written anything on here. Not much has been going on besides working. Terence is enjoying working at Branch Smith still and I am enjoying the bank! We actually went to the gym last night after a three week gap. We looked at some houses this weekend after church and nothing really jumped out at us right now. We are talking about Terence going back to school in May to finish his masters degree. That would prolong our living with his parents and house buying process. Not to mention we wanted to try and have a baby before I was an old prune! I guess it’s all in God’s timing and if it’s meant to be it will be!

In other news I learned how to make jewelry this weekend! I was so proud of the necklace I made…I’ll have to post pictures later!