Well….we are finally starting to get adjusted here in Texas. Things are going well. I miss everyone, but I know I’ll see them soon 🙂 We are planning a trip home mid next month so that should break up the time between now and Christmas. Terence got his diploma in the mail today and it sure is pretty! He’s been working at Branch Smith with his Dad for the past month and seems to really enjoy it! We have joined a gym here…blah! Our weekends have been pretty busy, as I mentioned before we saw the Lion King in Dallas and it was great! I didn’t realize what a real broadway show was like until now…I can’t wait to see more. We also have been going to Terence’s parents church and everyone is really nice, I even met some people I went to college with in Conway, which is so random! We found out a couple of weeks ago my Papa has cancer again and it looks pretty bad. That is not the best news to hear once you’ve moved seven hours away, but everyone is praying for him and we are believing God will heal him. Everyone be praying for our sweet precious Papa….
I guess that is all the updating for now, I’ll try to get better at writing more!!!

*This weekend we are headed to Shreveport to visit with Sara, Thomas, and sweet baby Ryan…I am SO EXCITED* Of course there will be pictures silly 🙂



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