This has been the best weekend….Mom and Dad came and took us to lunch and a movie today. We saw “No Reservations” and it was a really cute movie. I am going to miss my Mommy and Daddy soooooo MUCH! I love them soo much! They always go out of their way to help us and be there for us. Thank you for that 🙂 We love you!

Then later tonight me, Bonnie, and Ellen went shopping around and to dinner. We always have the best times with Ellen she has got to be the funniest person ever! She always keeps me and Bon rolling and she’s always been the best friend. And the weekend is not even OVER yet!

My Dad took this picture of me and Bonnie with Grandma Koeller last weekend. She has alzteimers and she fell really bad yesterday…poor Grandma…you all keep her in your prayers so she’ll get better, she is going through a rough time right now.

All of us girls got together at Beth’s house last Monday to have one last little get together before we all move off! It was sooo nice to visit and look through old pictures of everyone (and eat good food!)….I’m going to miss you gals a lot! Love yuns! Becky

pic from a few weeks ago…