Wipe out…

OH my GOSH! I had a blowout Saturday! It scared me to death! I was driving 65 MPH and suddenly it happened, the worst part was all the jerks who were honking at me to get out of the road. I couldn’t move or I would have!!! I was on my way to pick up my sister so we could meet my mom in Conway to go on a tour of homes. I was really looking forward to it too :(. I’ve never had a blowout, let alone a flat tire! Of course Terence was at work until noon and so I didn’t know what to do. He got one of his friends to come out and change the tire for me, that was very nice of him. After that I sat in the Toyota dealership unil 4:30 pm getting two new front tires…not exactly my ideal Saturday! Oh well, it’s all over with and now I can relax 🙂



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