Wipe out…

OH my GOSH! I had a blowout Saturday! It scared me to death! I was driving 65 MPH and suddenly it happened, the worst part was all the jerks who were honking at me to get out of the road. I couldn’t move or I would have!!! I was on my way to pick up my sister so we could meet my mom in Conway to go on a tour of homes. I was really looking forward to it too :(. I’ve never had a blowout, let alone a flat tire! Of course Terence was at work until noon and so I didn’t know what to do. He got one of his friends to come out and change the tire for me, that was very nice of him. After that I sat in the Toyota dealership unil 4:30 pm getting two new front tires…not exactly my ideal Saturday! Oh well, it’s all over with and now I can relax 🙂

Rebecca’s graduation

Rebecca graduated from highschool last weekend! I didn’t get around to posting until now…
It was a very nice graduation, she is very talented on the piano and the harp. I know she has a bright future to look forward to and I am glad we got to be there!!! We always have a great time seeing everyone!

I just wish it didn’t rain the entire time! I thought we were going to have to row a boat back home!

We also got to go into Dallas on our way home. We stopped by the fancy mall there….left with nothing…which Terence was thrilled about! Everything was too expensive. We then had a lovely lunch at The Cheesecake Factory….Lord, if they put that restaurant anywhere near where I lived I’d be 500 pounds no doubt!

I turned “26” on Wednesday…booo…hisssss
slowly edging towards 30……hope these next four years go by s-l-o-w-l-y!
until nextime…B