TGIF!!! Yeah Friday is here! Seems like I live for the big ole Fridays. What to do what to do…with my precious weekend. Terence and I have gotten into “House”, another dvd television show since we don’t have regular tv we rent the shows by the season. But no commercials! That is what we do to relax. I am so ready for fall to be here. I do not like hot weather at all! I like to wear warm clothes…and I like my skin covered! I love scarves, mittens, coats, sweaters, boots, everything that goes along with fall. The smell of the leaves, hot cocoa, pumpkins, and holidays…ahhh!!! My favorite time of year. It’s making me chilly just thinking about it. I know once school starts it’s not much longer before the cooler weather hits. The bank I work at in the evenings is dwindling down…by that I mean everyone is quitting and that only leaves a few of us left! They aren’t going to hire anyone else to help either, which puts us all out. But I hope and pray that they stay open for awhile, I really need to keep this job atleast for another year until Terence finishes school. We are trying to decide what to do once Terence finishes school. Whether or not to stay here in Arkansas or move to Texas and start over there. Pray for us that we will make the right decision when the time comes. Regardless of what we do we need to be prepared for change. God is good! And we have always been so blessed and we’ve never been without, for that I am thankful!!! For that I am happy!!!