How blessed I am…

I just wanted to say how “blessed” I am! I am so thankful for all of my family and friends in this life. I just had my 25th birthday…and I can’t imagine living things differently than I have. I find my mind wondering off sometimes just thinking of how I got to this point…and I wouldn’t change a thing. I truly believe God put me here and through the circumstances I’ve had for a reason. A reason I may not understand while here on earth, but one I surely will understand when I’m before my Father in Heaven. Though we struggle, it truly does make us stronger….though we cry, it only makes us happier in the long run…and though we’re sick, it only builds us up to be healthier. I love my husband…I can’t imagine living life without him now that I have him. Lord knows we’ve been through a lot these past (almost) five years! But he is my best friend and he picks me up from my shortcomings and I try and do the same for him. I can say I am truly blessed to have him in my life. My mom and dad are an example to follow. I can see the love that beams off of them to eachother, most children don’t see that in their parents today, and for that I am truly blessed. For my sister, my twinkie, who’s always there when I need her and loves me no matter what…although it’s been hard growing up and apart, we will always be a pair, and for that I am truly blessed. For my Nannie and Papa…they are the most wonderful grandparents ever! They love me unconditionally,without judgement, without any unkind thought, and lots of prayer….for that I am truly blessed. I have met many people over the last twenty five years of this life that have impacted me and inspired me…and for that I am blessed. Thank you to all my family for loving me, all my friends for supporting me, and everyone else for making me realize how blessed I really am.



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