New car…finally!

So I got up this past Saturday morning (EARLY) to take Terence to the airport so he could fly to Houston and pick up a car. One with air conditioning! Yeah! He drove from Houston to Fort Worth and spent the night with his folks. He had a good visit. I spent Saturday hanging out with my mom and dad. I got three new pairs of shoes! Yeah again! They were having a really good clearance sale! My mom is addicted to Tropical Smoothie Cafe. They do make really good smoothies. So after we went shopping she treated me and Dwan to one. Thanks Mom! I had a good weekend, even though Terence was out of town and I always miss him no matter how long he’s gone for! I know! I get very attached to people. Glad he’s home safe and sound and even more glad to have the nice new car with air!



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