The weekends just fly by!

This weekend has gone by so fast! Just enough time to recover from the previous week and get ready for the next one. We got up for church this morning and Terence looked so nice I took a picture of him in his new coat. Then we went by blockbuster and scored a copy of Walk the Line (the new Johnny Cash movie) I am anxious to watch it and I know Papa will want to see it since he is such a big Johnny Cash fan. I love Reese Witherspoon in any movie though. It has been so nice this weekend…perfect weather. I was in the baking mood this weekend so I went to Kroger and was going to get stuff to make Tiramisu, but they didn’t sell ladyfingers! So I settled on a nice little frozen Sara Lee cake…no baking required. Maybe it was just my sweet tooth kicking in. Terence and I have been looking for him a little car to drive to school and back that gets good gas mileage. Yesterday we went and testdrove a few. Hopefully we will find something within our budget! Hoping and praying that we find something…but not in a rush by any means! Just got one car paid off and not looking forward to another payment every month! Regardless it will be better for him to drive.
Well, hope all is well with everyone! Take care….Becky

Yummy cake!



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