Let it snow….and ICE!!!

I had a wonderful three day weekend! Yeah! I came home Friday night ready to relax! On my way home I stopped by the grocery store and got some milk just in case the snow got too bad. That is just the thing to do in Arkansas, everyone spazzes out when they hear “winter weather advisory”….the shelves were picked clean! I got my milk and got outta there! Terence and I slept in Saturday morning and pretty much laid around all day watching movies. Then Saturday night we decided to rough it and get out for our late Valentine’s dinner at the Outback Steakhouse….most of the wait staff decided not to show up because of the weather, but we still had a lovely evening. Sunday morning I got up and made pancakes and bacon and it was sooo good! Then for lunch I made my great grandma Bonnie’s soup (cheesy potato carrot soup). My mom always used to make that when it was cold outside so I thought I would try, and it turned out so good! Today we got up and went shopping around town. Terence got a new coat for winter and it looks so good on him when he is all dressed up! Anyways, he had to get the sleeves taken up a little bit, so we took that in. Then we went to the mall and ate lunch and stopped in Dillard’s and I got a MAKEOVER at Chanel !!! It was so much fun and I got lots of new pretty makeup to wear….I am enclosing a picture of my new makeover….tell me what you think! My hair is not done so don’t look at that part! I will talk to everyone later and have a great week!